I haven't received my confirmation email.

If you paid with PayPal, the email will be within the account your PayPal is linked to. Please check your spam and junk folders, and make sure you purchased tickets with the correct email address. 

If you're still having issues please contact See Tickets here: https://www.seetickets.com/customerservice

Do I need to provide the vehicle registration as part of the ticket purchase?

Entry to the event is via car registration, you MUST input this information before arriving to site.

If you didn't get the chance to input your car's registration or would like to update it for any reason, you can do so via the link below.



You will need your booking reference number and your postcode, phone number or last digits of the payment card to log in to your booking, then simply scroll through to ‘edit your answers’ and fill in the details on the form.

What happens if we go into lockdown again and the event can’t take place?
We operate a full refund policy. This means that if any of our events are not able to safely take place, we will refund the entirety of the ticket price, including the booking fee, to all customers.


We want to ensure all our customers that they can book with confidence and not have to worry if their ticket money will be returned in case of the event not continuing. We are working with See Tickets, one of the biggest ticket providers in the UK, who sell tickets for many of the biggest festivals and events. All customers can be assured that they are in safe hands. 

Can I make changes to my ticket?

Changes on your ticket will be allowed up to 3 weeks before each event.


What if I have COVID-19 symptoms?

Please do not attend a cinema show if you are showing any Covid-19 symptoms. Follow the government guidelines and self-isolate.


What time should I arrive?

Please check your ticket for your arrival time slot. The times are there to help with traffic and to minimise queues for customers when arriving. If you arrive early you may be asked to come back at your allocated slot.


How can I listen to the film from my car? 

The sound will be transmitted via FM radio straight to your car's radio. If your vehicle is not equipped with an FM radio, please bring a portable one. You may want to ensure you know how to connect to a specific FM before leaving for the event. Digital radio (or phone apps) won't work because they introduce a delay causing the sound to be off sync with the image.

My car radio doesn't work, how can I hear the sound?

We wouldn’t advise coming in a car with no radio, however If your car radio doesn't work, You can bring a portable radio with you to tune into the sound, or rent one on site, as long as it is kept inside the car. If you do not have a portable radio, these will be available to rent on site.


Will the shows include subtitles for deaf and hard of hearing people?

We have the ability to add subtitles to all screenings apart from the Grease Singalong shows. Please email info@atthedrive.in in advance if you require subtitles.

Why are there different slots available for each session?
The entry will be split into three slots 15 min apart to help with traffic and to minimise queues for customers when arriving. Those that arrive first will start being parked from the front. Pick your preferred position and book your slot accordingly.


  • Matinee: Doors open 2pm

  • Evening: Doors open 6pm


  • Matinee: Doors open 12pm

  • Afternoon: Doors open 4pm

  • Evening: Doors open 8pm

What happens if I'm late?

If you arrive late, you will be placed at the back.


Why have you not announced the locations? 
If the location for your city is not listed in the ticket page, it means that it hasn’t been confirmed yet and it will be announced in the coming days.

We want to ensure the sites used are highly accessible and meet the high standards we have laid out to run the event safely. It is only recently that the Government announced their strategy for the next phases of lockdown, and we will ensure that all areas of the experience are operating to the latest guidance available.

We are in discussions with a number of locations and will announce the final list in plenty of time before the event date.


How many people can we bring in a car? 

Only vehicles up to 5 people such as SUV's and people carriers will be allowed. Passengers per vehicle must be within the legal limits too so please ensure everyone has a seat in your vehicle.

The tickets are sold per car, so if you are a family with 2 or 3 children in your household then you are able to bring them all.

We will continue to monitor Government guidance and if any changes are made that will impact the event, we will inform customers via email or our social media pages. 


Do you allow larger vehicles? Will we be able to see? 

We will allow vehicles such as vans, pick ups and SUV’s, but do note that for the interest of others you may be placed towards the back of the event. We want everyone to enjoy the experience as best as possible and the screen will be raised, but it is important for all that they get to see the screen and stage as clearly as possible.

Do you have accessible toilets? 

We will have an allocation of accessible toilets at the event too. These will be located away from other toilets to allow for easy access and again for social distancing to be implemented.


Do you have spaces for blue badge holders?

We need to know about any disabilities prior to your arrival so that we can make arrangements for you.Please let us know of any arrangements that need to be made for you by contacting us on info@atthedrive.in

What do we do with rubbish?
We kindly ask that all guests take their rubbish away with them and do not dispose of it at the event. This helps us operate with a smaller team that allows for increased social distancing and our staff not having to touch the waste. Please be considerate and help us keep the interaction to a minimum.

Can I leave my car?

Due to social distancing rules we are asking everyone to stay in their cars unless going to the toilet, collecting food from your allocated delivery box or in case of emergency.

Can I leave during the show?

Unless there is an emergency, you may not leave your parking spot until you are called by our traffic team. If you absolutely need to leave mid show, you must be guided out by a member of staff.

Are pets allowed?

Animals, apart from assistance dogs, are not allowed at the event for safety reasons. Please don't bring pets in your car.


Can I use cash @The Drive In?

All purchases will be made via the app. We will not be accepting cash on site.

Can I bring alcohol into the event?

No alcohol is permitted on site, please do not bring any with you. Driving under the influence is illegal and we are required to report anyone suspected of it to the police immediately. At the drive in operates a no drinking in the drivers seat rule.

Can I bring food into the event?

No, food from vendors outside the site is not allowed. There are food & drink options available within the event.

What do we do with rubbish?

We kindly ask that all guests take their rubbish away with them and do not dispose of it at the event. This helps us operate with a smaller team that allows for increased social distancing and our staff not having to touch the waste. Please be considerate and help us keep the interaction to a minimum.

When can I order food?

You can order food as soon as you arrive to the event. You will be presented with a sign that has a QR code on which you can access the menu with. Please note we stop orders 30 minutes before the film ends. 


How will you provide a safe environment to allow for social distancing? 

We know how important it is to maintain social distancing right now so we’ve made sure we will lay out the cinema to conform with Government guidelines and ensure we have lots of space for everyone. Cars will be parked with more than a 2 metre space around them so if you need to get out of your car you will be at least 2m away from other guests. We are advising guests to stay in their vehicle during the full experience and to only exit to use the toilets or in case of emergency (see toilet info below).

Entry will be checked by license plate to ensure no interaction between staff and customers is required. All of the procedures we have put in place have been planned with our team of Health and Safety experts to ensure that we can effectively operate a safe experience for all.

Will I be required to check in via the NHS Track and Trace App?

Yes, one person per car must check in via the NHS Track & Trace app prior to entry to @The Drive In


How can you ensure the food and snacks will be delivered safely? 

Customers will have the chance to order on the night via a QR code presented to you on the night. Our delivery teams will bring the food all packaged up straight from the catering unit and put it in the special delivery box by your car. Once they’ve gone you can take the food out of the box and enjoy in the knowledge that everyone who has prepared and delivered your food will be following the strict hygiene procedures in place. No ordering from the food stalls in person will be permitted. 


Will there be sanitising areas at the event for staff and customers? 

We will have hand sanitiser stations outside each toilet location, plus additional hand sanitiser at the catering points. All our staff will receive extensive training around the appropriate safety procedures for maintaining the highest levels of hygiene. This includes regular hand washing, as well as the use of appropriate levels of PPE when preparing, serving and delivering food and beverages.

Our managers will be making sure that our teams are delivering the best, safest service to you at all times.


How will we be able to use the toilets?
We will have a large amount of toilets on site to more than cater for the crowds. Each row of cars will have a dedicated section of toilets to limit groups. They will offer social distant, spaced out queues, with cleaning after each use by our on site team.


Maintaining the safety of our staff and guests is our main priority, and will be providing a comfortable and clean experience for all that attend across the series. 


  • Entry to events is restricted by the classification given by the British Board of Film Classification. We are required to refuse admission to anyone who is below the minimum age required by the relevant classification. Anyone can be admitted to films classified as U or PG

  • All admissions are subject to search & ID checks

  • For promotion, safety & security reasons, customers may be filmed at any time

  • Sound and video recording equipment are not permitted inside the event. Any guest found copying or attempting to copy any film or other copyright protected material will be reported to the relevant authorities

  • The on-site speed limit is 5mph, this must be adhered to at all times

  • A Social distance of 2m must be kept at all times with anyone outside of your household, especially while using toilets.

  • Convertible tops must stay closed at all times

  • Please turn off your external vehicle lights once stationary

  • Please stay in your vehicle at all times and only exit for use of toilets

  • Please wait for our staff to wave you out before exiting

  • Please keep your engine off at all times. If you require your engine on to use the radio, please ensure you bring a portable FM radio speaker.

  • SUV’s are allowed, however a maximum of 5 people in each car are allowed entry. Large vehicles will be asked to park at the back of the site.

  • Each person in your vehicle must have an allocated seat with a seatbelt, overfilled cars are illegal and will not be granted access. 

  • Drivers must not be under the influence at any time

prohibited item list

  • All professional photography, videography & recording equipment

  • Only food and drink purchased at the Drive In cinema may be consumed within the Drive In cinema

  • Private sound systems

  • Items with an open, naked flame, flares, bangers, fireworks, sparklers, BBQ’s, camping stoves, LPG, chinese lanterns and candles.

  • Lasers & laser pens

  • Seating, Tents, gazebos, parasols or pop up structures

  • Animals (with the exception of approved assistance dogs)

  • Bottles or glass containers (except reinforced glass water bottles)

  • Items that may be used in a dangerous manner including sharp and pointed items - such as knives.

  • Illegal drugs, New Psychoactive Substances and Nitrous Oxide. You will be searched and may be reported to the Police if found to be in possession of a controlled substance. Illegal drugs, NPS of any kind will not be tolerated. 

  • Drones

  • Sponsorship, promotional or marketing material for any other business, event or activity.


100% money back guarantee in case of event cancellation.

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