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It's almost time to enjoy a much anticipated day out at the drive in!

We have compiled below some useful information you need to know ahead of the big day. Please read through and drop us an email on if you have any questions.


• Ensure your vehicle registration is displaying correctly on your ticket so you can access the event. You can log in to SEE tickets here to check.

• The audio will be broadcasted via FM. Please ensure your car's radio works when the engine is switched off. All car engines must be off when stationary.

• If you are showing any Covid 19 symptoms please do not attend the event. Follow the government guidelines and isolate yourself.


• Please note the comedy shows may include mature content. 


• Arrivals are split into 3 slots to reduce waiting times. Your ticket contains your arrival time. If you arrive outside your allocated time slot, you may not be allowed entry.

• Entry is done via license plate. Once your vehicle registration has been approved, our traffic management team will direct you into your allocated parking space. If your plate is not recognised, you will be asked to move to the side and call our customer service team on 07367 117 549 to resolve the issue.

• Please keep your window shut at all times to minimise interaction with the staff. Get your e-ticket ready on your phone as the staff may ask you to hold it against the window.

Please read the Conditions of Entry & the prohibited item list before coming to @The Drive in.


•  The audio for the film and the entertainment will be broadcasted via FM straight into your car’s radio. We will send you the FM frequency for your city ahead of the event.

• All car engines must be off when stationary so please ensure your radio works with the engine switched off. If you car doesn't have a radio you can bring a portable FM radio or hire one at the event.

• If you need a portable FM radio, please order via the dining menu. FM radios are available to hire at the event for £20 with a £10 refundable deposit.


Please assist us in running a fun and safe experience for everyone by following these simple guidelines at the event:

• Drive carefully and stick to the speed limit of 5MPH. Keep your lights off and do not beep your horn as this may ruin the experience for other guests.

• Keep your soft tops or roof of vehicles closed until parked. Windows and roofs may be opened once you have been parked in position.

• Once parked, please remain in your vehicle. Do not sit outside and only exit your vehicle to go to the toilet. Whilst outside of your car, please keep a 2m distance from other guests.

• Vehicle engines must be turned off at all times. Do not attempt to move your vehicle during the show.

• Smoking is not permitted outside of your vehicle. Cigarette butts are a fire hazard and should always be disposed of responsibly.

• Please do not dispose your litter at the event. Be considerate and take it home with you so we can keep the interaction between guests and staff to a minimum.

• Driving under the influence is illegal and we are required to report anyone suspected of it to the police immediately. At the drive in operates a no drinking in the drivers seat rule.

• Animals, apart from assistance dogs, are not allowed at the event for safety reasons. Please don't bring pets in your car.


• Drive in Dining delivered by Just Eat will provide a convenient and contactless delivery service for all food, snacks, drinks and desserts directly to your vehicle.

• Orders can be placed via your phone in a few simple steps:

1. Scan the QR Code on your parking bay or type in the URL
2. Explore the menus and select the items you would like to order
3. Enter your parking bay number at checkout and confirm your order
4. The Just Eat delivery team will be on their way to you soon with your order!

• Please do not approach the catering facilities at any time. If you need to speak to a member of staff call 07367 117 549 instead of approaching them directly.


• If you need to use the toilet, please ensure to keep a 2m distance from other guests and stick to the floor markings whilst in the queue. Please use hand sanitiser before and after using the on site toilets.

• Do not light a cigarette after using the hand sanitiser, it is flammable.

• The Drive In will have a medical team on site. If you require medical attention please let any of our staff know or call the customer service number 07367 117 549.


• Once the film is finished, our traffic management team will direct traffic out of the car park, row by row.

• Please wait until you are called or waved down by the stewards before you turn on your engine and start driving.

If you have any questions that haven't been addressed above, please have a look at our FAQ page.

Thank you for your cooperation. We look forward to delivering an unforgettable drive in experience!

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